AAA    Area Agencies on Aging

AAH    American Association for Homecare

AARP    American Association of Retired Persons

ADA    American with Disabilities Act

ADLs    Activities of Daily Living

AL    Assisted Living

AMA    American Medical Association

AoA    U.S. Administration on Aging

APS    Adult Protection Services

ASA    American Society on Aging

BBA    Balanced Budget Act of 1997

CBLTC    Community Based Long -Term Care

CBO    Congressional Budget Office

CDC    Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention)

CEU    Continuing Education Unit(s)

CLESE    Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly

CMS    Center for Medicare and Medicaid

COBRA    Congressional Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

CON    Certificate of Need

CoP(s)    (Medicare) Conditions of Participation

COTA    Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

CPI    Consumer Price Index

CWF    Common Working File

DHHs    Department of Health and Human Services (Federal)

DME    Durable Medical Equipment

DMEPOS    Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics and Orthotics Supplies

DMERC    Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier

DNR    Do ­ Not - Resuscitate

DOL(also USDOL)    U.S. Department of Labor (Federal)

DON    Director of Nursing

DPOA    Durable Power of Attorney

DRGs    Diagnosis Related Groups

ERS    Emergency Response Systems

ESRD    End Stage Renal Disease

FDA    Food and Drug Administration

FI    Fiscal Intermediary

FOIA    Freedom of Information Act

FY    Fiscal Year

GAO    General Accounting Office (General)

GPO    Group Purchasing Organization

HAA    Hospice Association of America

HCA    Home Care Aide

HCFA    Health Care Financing Administration

HHA    Home Health Agency

HIPPA    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

HME    Home Medical Equipment

HMO    Health Maintenance Organization

IV    Intravenous

JCAHO    Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

LTC    Long Term Care

MCAC    Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee

MSA    Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSN    Medicare Summary Notice

MSW    Medicare Social Worker

NAC    National Alliance for Caregiving

NAHC    National Association for Homecare

NCHS    National Center for Healthcare Statistics

NF    Nursing Facility

NFCA    The National Family Caregivers Association

NH    Nursing Home

NHPCO    National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

NIOSH    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OAA    Older Americans Act

OBQI    Outcome Based Quality Improvement

OBRA    Omnibus Reconciliation Act

OCS    Outcome Concept Systems

OIG    Office of the Inspector General (Federal)

OMB    Office of Management and Budget (Federal)

ORT    Operation Restore Trust

OSHA    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Federal)

OT/OTR    Occupational Therapist/Registered

PAC    Political Action Committee

POA    Power of Attorney

PPS    Prospective Payment System

PRO    Peer Review Organization

PTA    Physical Therapy Assistant

PT/RPT    Physical Therapist /RPT

QA    Quality Assurance

QM    Quality Management

RFP    Request for Proposal

RSVP    Retired and Senior Volunteer Organization

SBA    Small Business Administration

SNF    Skilled Nursing Facility

SP    Speech Pathologist

SSI    Supplemental Security Income Program

ST    Speech Therapist

TA    Technical Assistance

VA    Veterans Affairs

VNA    Visiting Nurse Association

VNAA    Visiting Nurse Association of America