Two most important things to do
  1. Go to the lowest floor possible.
  2. Put as many walls as possible between you and the tornado.

Tornado Watch - indicates tornadoes and/or severe thunderstorms are possible. Review tornado safety rules. Monitor local weather closely. Seek alternative shelter if you live in a mobile home.

Tornado Warning - an urgent message that a tornado has been sighted or detected by Doppler radar. Move quickly to a place of safety and take cover.

Outdoor Warning Sirens - Some local communities activate outdoor warning sirens when local severe weather spotters sight a tornado or funnel cloud. When sounded, the sirens indicate that dangerous weather is in the immediate area.

What to do in the following locations:
  • In a house or small building
    • Go to the basement. If there is no basement, go to an interior room on the lowest floor.
    • Take cover under something sturdy like a staircase or workbench.
    • Cover yourself with a blanket, pillows or cushions to soften effects of flying glass and debris.
    • Stay away from windows and outside walls.
  • In a mobile home or automobile
    • Get out. Neither is a shelter against a tornado.
    • Seek shelter in a permanent, sturdy structure.
    • If no shelter is available, lie in a ditch or low-lying area away from mobile homes and vehicles.
    • Lie flat and protect your head with your hands.
  • In a shopping center, school building or factory
    • Go to a pre-designated area if available.
    • Avoid buildings with large span roofs.
    • Find an interior room, closet, bathroom or hallway, and stay away from windows.

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