Is Home Care Right For Us?

Home Health Care Advantages

With a home care team providing care, patients receive individual attention from health care professionals while also receiving the many intangible benefits of care at home.

Home Care:

  • Keeps families together - at home.
  • Gives independence to the elderly.
  • Prevents or postpones institutionalization.
  • Promotes healing and reduces the potential for infection found in institutional settings.
  • Provides a less stressful environment and delivers care in a form that promotes a higher satisfaction level for patients.
  • Improves the quality of life and has been documented to extend life.
  • Encourages family involvement.
  • Offers personalized care tailored to each individual.
  • Frees patients from regulated environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Is less expensive than other forms of health care.

Home care may be an appropriate choice for a loved one who:

  • Needs assistance with activities of daily living, such as housekeeping, cleaning, personal laundry, meal preparation, dressing, bathing, shopping and companionship;
  • Will be discharged from a hospital or a nursing facility, but needs additional care at home;
  • Requires short-term assistance at home because of outpatient surgery or maternity-related incapacity;
  • Needs additional assistance to live independently due to illness, disability or aging;
  • Has conditions such as congestive heart disease, diabetes and muscular, nervous or respiratory disorders;
  • Who is terminally ill and want to spend their remaining time in dignity and the comfort of home.
Generally, home care and hospice are appropriate whenever a person prefers to stay home, but needs ongoing care that cannot easily or effectively be provided solely by family and friends. More and more older people, electing to live independent lives outside of an institution, are taking advantage of home care services as their physical capabilities diminish. Younger adults who are disabled or recuperating from acute illness are choosing home care whenever possible. Chronically ill infants and children are benefiting from sophisticated medical treatment in their loving and secure home environments. Thanks to the success of modern technology and the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment for use in the home, an increasing number of people are able to leave institutions or avoid ever having to enter them. They can be cared for safely and effectively in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the ones they love. Individuals at the end of life are able to choose hospice care and remain secure in the midst of family and friends.